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QUALITY IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM 2020-21:-              

                                         Quality culture in Higher Educational Institutes incorporates the scope of diversity and innovations such as in curriculum, teaching, learning and evaluation, research, almost in every area of operation of  HEI. Higher education is the backbone of any society. It is the quality of higher education that decides the quality of human resources in a country. The core values of NAAC for higher education system in India envisage: national development, fostering global competitiveness, including ethical values, promote use of technology and create an atmosphere and quest for excellence. With liberalization and globalization of economic activities, the need to develop human resources of a high caliber and, consequently, the demand for higher education at nationally comparable an internationally acceptable standards has increased. This requires the HEIs to be innovative, creative and entrepreneurial in their approach to skills development among students. With this aim in mind Quality Improvement Program (QIP) is started in the institute under the able guidance of Hon. Prin. Dr. B. T Jadhav for the academic year 2020-2023 so that the institution strives to excel in serving its students and other stakeholders.



Name Designation
Hon. Prin. Dr. B. T. Jadhav President
Dr. V. Y. Deshpande Vice-President
Dr. M. S. Barge Chaiperson
Dr. S. M. Deshpande Asst. Prof. Botany
Dr. S. N. Zanke Asst. Prof. Zoology
Mr. D. N. Nimbale Asst. Prof. Biotechnology


  • -->To develop a sense of determination and dedication to help students achieve their goals.
  • -->To develop reading, writing skills and communication skills in students.
  • -->To train students for getting place in the department, institute merit list.
  • -->Promoting the use of technology.
  • --> To provide the right kind of leadership  and decision making ability in students in all walks of life.
  • -->To provide highly specialized training courses adapted to the needs of economic and social life.
  • -->To be open to all, so as to cater to the many aspects of lifelong education in the widest sense.
  • -->To inculcate business skills, vocational skills and practical skills in the students.
  • -->To introduce various competitive examinations and to make them aware of the study techniques.
  • -->To inculcate  the research approach, attitude and research opportunities among students.






Meeting with Hon. Principal

Discussion on the objectives and functions of committee.


1.Formation of committee and planning of annual activities
2. Linking of various committees under QIP with IQAC

  1. To provide detailed information about working and mechanism of committee
  2. To effectively co-ordinate students and departments with institutional merit, research, quality, ranking etc.


  1. Preparation of Talent Batch and Progressive Batch

2. Writing Research Paper and Poster Presentation for UG and PG students

  1. To focus more on students of higher and lower merit separately, continuous evaluation of selected students.
  2. To inculcate research attitude among students at UG and PG level.


Publication of Research Papers in Student In-House Research Journal (Volume 1)

To build the confidence among students through reading, writing, referencing skills.


  1. Hands-on training on Effective Laboratory Skills for Non-teaching Staff
  2. Hands-on training for Newly recruited Staff and PG students on CFC
  1. To improve the quality while working in labs, handling instruments, maintaining relationship with students and staff.
  2. To update the knowledge of new instruments required for research purpose.


Institutional and Administration issues

To Handle problems related to ladies hostel hygiene, toilets, drinking water, canteen and library facilities etc.


Meeting with Examination Cell and Library

To enhance the confidence among students by honoring Departmental, Institutional and Principal Awards.


Writing Research Paper and Poster Presentation for UG and PG students and Publication of Research Papers in Student In-House Research Journal (Volume 2)

To inculcate research attitude among students at UG and PG level.


Preparation of Annual Report

To benchmark the planned activities in corresponding year.