• To equip students with knowledge and scientific attitude for living in the world of rapid technological change by means of teaching and training in science studies and to sustain the position as one of the most qualitative institutes imparting core science and multidisciplinary education.


  • To provide higher education in science with intern- and multidisciplinary approach to all and to pay special attention to downtrodden and grassroots.
  • To enhance the knowledge generating capacity of the students in the globalizing environment, delivering superior and sustainable stakeholder values.
  • To promote scientific temper among the youths especially from rural areas with a view to enable them awaken the masses intellectually.
  • To promote quality research through technology development and its transfer.
  • To inculcate values like social equality, national integration, feeling of brotherhood and self-help.
  • To give special attention to the women empowerment programmes
  • To make the students aware of social responsibilities, disaster management, environmental protection and conservation of natural resources.
  • To develop skills by upgrading educational network and use of modern communication technologies and contribute in socio-economic development of nation.